Words of wisdom - In Praise of Virtue
There was once a king of the Kuru dynasty named Suhotra who went to visit some renowned rishis. While returning home, he happened to meet another king named Shibi, traveling on the road in the opposite direction. Because the road was very narrow, both chariots could not pass by. Since they were... Read More
Opulence of Bhagavan
Swami Narasingha
  VERSE 1 sanjaya uvaca – tam tatha kripayavishtam ashru-purnakulekshanam vishidantam idam vakyam uvaca madhusudanah   Sanjaya said: Sri Krishna then spoke the following words to Arjuna whose heart was overwhelmed with pity and whose eyes were filled with tears.   VERSE 2 sri bhagavan uvaca – kutas... Read More
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