Words of wisdom
Once upon a time, in the jungle, there lived a jackal by the name of Chandarava. One day he was very hungry, so he went into the city to find food.There, barking street dogs surrounded him and bit at him with their sharp teeth. To save his skin Chandarava ran into the house of a cloth dyer. A big... Read More
Shell-neck, Slim and Grim (A Tale from the Panchatantra of Vishnu Sharma)
In a certain lake there lived a turtle named Shell-Neck whose friends were two geese whose names were Slim and Grim. During their time at the lake there came a twelve-year drought, and the two geese thought, "This lake has become totally dry, so we should go and find another source of water.... Read More
Gaudiya Touchstone Issue: May 2012
Welcome to the Gaudiya Touchstone. In this issue we have an interesting selection of articles on traditional philosophical topics such as Sri Guru Tattva, The Heart of Krishna, Buddhism and Mayavada and more, as well as updates as scientists progress in their understanding of consciousness and... Read More
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