Sri Rupa Gaudiya Matha at the Kumbha-Mela

Readers of The Gaudiya are well aware that for almost one year Sri Rupa Gaudiya Matha has appeared in Prayaga-dhama near Dasasvamedha Ghata by the desire of the greatest of rupanugas, Om Vishnupada Sri Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada.

This time at Kumbha-Mela, due to the desire of Srila Prabhupada to introduce the common people to the supreme magnanimity of Mahaprabhu, the unparalleled Deities of Sri Sri Vinoda-Kishora Jiu have been installed and festivals consisting of abhisheka and sankirtana were celebrated in a large camp belonging to Sri Rupa Gaudiya Matha on the vast land donated by the honourable Sarkar Bahadur, near to the Triveni sangam where the Kumbha-Mela is held.

Millions of men and women from different places have attained the true benefits of pilgrmage to Prayaga by hearing beautiful narrations about the name, form, qualities and pastimes of Mahaprabhu from the preachers of Sri Gaudiya Matha, who themselves practice exactly what they preach.
By the tireless service-endeavours of Tridandi-Goswami Srimad Bhakti Pradipa Tirtha Maharaja and Srimad Bhakti-saranga Goswami Prabhu, and by the service-donation of Sriyukta Vrndavana-chandra Bhattacharya, who is the pride of the brahmana community, this great sankirtana festival of Sri Rupa Gaudiya Matha has been especially successful. Millions of people have become charmed towards the Name of Sri Gaura and divine love for Sri Gaura. Prayaga is the very place of Sri Rupa shiksa-sthali (the place where Rupa Goswami received instruction from Mahaprabhu) and the teachings of Sri Rupa have been broadcast by those who are rupanugas (followers of Sri Rupa). Once more, those teachings have manifested in various ways and modes of worship at the exhibitions held at Sridhama-Mayapura due to the desire of the greatest of rupanugas (Saraswati Thakura).

All the paraphernalia used by Sri Rupa Gaudiya Matha at the Kumbha-Mela such as the huge tents, the Deities of Vinoda-Kishora Jiu and the ‘Magic Lantern’ show at Sri Rupa shiksha-sthali at Dasasvamedha Ghata was collected by the mercy of Srimad Bhakti Saranga Prabhu. All the pictures used in the Magic Lantern show are now at the exhibition in Mayapura. In the future we hope to include some of those pictures on the cover of the Gaudiya magazine.

(The Gaudiya, 8th February, 1930)