There once lived a king who had a very beautifully decorated bedroom. An exquisite while silk sheet covered the whole bed and with in the folds of that sheet there lived a female flea whose name was Mandavisarpini. When the king was sleeping, she used to drink his blood. In his way she spent her time very happily.

It just so happened that one evening, a bug flew into the bedroom and landed upon the bed. When the flea saw him, she shouted angrily, “Hey bug! What are you doing here? Get out of here – this is my bed!”

“Madam”, replied the bug, “Is that how your speak to a guest, even if he is a useless bug? A guest should always be treated with respect and made to feel welcome with kind words and refreshments. Besides, I have drunk all types of blood, I have never had the pleasure of tasting the blood of royalty. I presume a king’s blood must taste very sweet since he always eats the best food. Now, if you don’t mind, I wish to taste the king’s blood.”

"But bug,” replied the flea, “I only drink the king’s blood when he has gone fast asleep. You bite is painful. If you promise to let the king go to sleep first before you start biting him, then I will allow you to drink his blood.”

“Very well,” replied the bug, “I promise. In fact, I will wait until you have sucked his blood before I drink it myself.”

Not long after, the king came into his bedchamber and lay down on the bed.

However, as soon as he set eyes on the king, the bug began thinking of the king’s sweet blood and he began to drool with anticipation. Not being able to control himself, he immediately bit into the king without waiting for him to fall asleep.

At once, the king jumped up and cried out to his servants, “Quickly! Come in here! Something has bitten me! See if there is a bug or a flea in my bed.”

As soon as the bug heard this, he flew away out of the window. When the servants came running in and searched the bed, they came across the flea lying between the folds of the sheets, and killed her.

The moral of the story is this: Never share your house with a stranger or you will end up paying for it.