Welcome to the Gaudiya Touchstone. In this
issue we have an interesting selection of articles
on traditional philosophical topics such as Sri
Guru Tattva, The Heart of Krishna, Buddhism and
Mayavada and more, as well as updates as scientists
progress in their understanding of consciousness
and discover in True Nature by Dr. B.M. Bhaumik
the true nature of reality.
The History of Numbers by Swami Vishnu tells us
how contributions in Mathematics from India in
ancient times make the world what it is today, and for the arts enthusiasts
we have the story of the development of Rajasthani Art by Dhira-lalita
chronicling royal patronage of art in Rajasthan.
Our cover story takes us on a journey through time to discover a remarkable
region in the Himalayas and how India got her name from the Sindhu River.
This article is also augmented by an amazing photo spread of Ladakh by staff
photographer Rammohan Paranjape.
We have packed a lot into this issue for our readers to digest in one sitting.
And speaking of digesting we almost forgot to mention Got Raw Milk? If not
then you certainly will after reading Priyanana’s informative health article,
Got Raw Milk? And in Culinary Magic the Carr twins Bhakta-priya and
Vraja Kishor share with us some of their secrets from the Vermont Kitchen.
Lots of good things to digest in this issue of Gaudiya Touchstone — spiritually,
intellectually and physically. So please read on.
Swami Narasingha
Sri Guru