Traces of Vaishnavism in Early Art
Dominique Amendola
Time is never kind to sculptures, inscriptions or to paintings and frescos, not even to temples or forts. Paintings fade with light or the material on which they are painted disintegrates. However inscriptions or stone carvings remain a little longer. The earliest records of traces of Vaishnavism... Read More
The Ideal Vaishnavi
This article is about the ideal Vaishnavi [a woman saint] in modern times. Her name – Shrimati Krishnamayi-devi. devi krsna-mayi siddha sadhika para-bhaktidasarva-bhakti-mayi sarva-pujya puja-parayana
sri guroh sneha-patri ca paramartha prasadhika atma-nivedika caiva guru-krsna-padamvuje. “Deeply... Read More
Swami Sadananda
InterviewHard as a Thunderbolt and Soft as a Flower Interview with Dasadasanudasa Kishordas & KalakanthidasiDisciples of Svami Sadananda 1-Q: How did Svami Sadananda come in contact with the teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavism? In the winter of 1933, when he was 25 years old, he met Svami Bon in... Read More
Rajasthani Art
Dominique Amendola
Rajasthan is a land of many colorful contrasts, from the fertile eastern part near the river Chambal and the rich land of Malva to the desert of western Rajasthan. The paintings of Rajasthan, reflect this love for colors. The paintings express stunning colors and powerful lines, similar to the... Read More
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