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The Ideal Vaishnavi
This article is about the ideal Vaishnavi [a woman saint] in modern times. Her name – Shrimati Krishnamayi-devi. devi krsna-mayi siddha sadhika para-bhaktidasarva-bhakti-mayi sarva-pujya puja-parayana
sri guroh sneha-patri ca paramartha prasadhika atma-nivedika caiva guru-krsna-padamvuje. “Deeply... Read More
The Raga-patha is above all
Swami Narasingha
  Question: I have read numerous translations and comments about the ‘pujala raga-patha’ verse on the Internet and there seems to be a lingering controversy about who wrote the verse, what it means, etc. Can you provide me with a broader overview of the topic so that I might clarify my... Read More
Pandita Sri Gadadhara Goswami
Swami B R Sridhara Goswami
Amongst the dear associates of Shri Gauranga, Shri Gadadhara Goswami is the topmost. Just as the position of Shri Radhika, in comparison to others, is undisputedly the topmost in the madhurya pastimes of Shri Krishna, similarly in the most magnanimous pastimes of Gaura-Krishna, in the service of... Read More
Swami Narasingha
Welcome to the world of the electronic magazine and the Premiere Issue of Gaudiya Touchstone. To bring the knowledge of Krishna consciousness to the world with the least environmental impact as possible is our goal. Since the invention of the printing press a flood of books and magazines have... Read More
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