Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence
Rick Brigs
Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence - NASA RIACS, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, California 94305 Abstract In the past twenty years, much time, effort, and money has been expended on designing an unambiguous representation of natural languages to make them... Read More
Sanskrit - Language of Enlightenment
Vyaas Houston
Sanskrit and the Technological Age - The extraordinary thing about Sanskrit is that it offers direct accessibility to anyone to that elevated plane where the two —mathematics and music, brain and heart, analytical and intuitive, scientific and spiritual— become one.By Vyaas Houston M.A.Whitehead's... Read More
Swami Narasingha
Welcome to the first issue of Gaudiya Touchstone for 2013 - now in our second year of publication. This issue has articles on a wide range of topics; Free Will of the jiva soul as the root cause of material bondage by Swami B.R. Sridhara, the third and final part of Guru-tattva and the Secret of... Read More
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