Quantum Physics

Quantum Consciousness
Kingsley Dennis PhD
Human thought in the twenty-first century needs to work towards a new model that immerses the human being within a vibrant energetic universe. However, this need not demand that we throw away what we already have; rather, we can expand upon the tools that have brought us to our present position.... Read More
True Nature
Dr Mani Bhaumik
The Upanishads and Quantum Physics both talk about reality. Scriptures  [sastras] tell us that the abstract Brahman [Para-Brahman] is creator and the physical universe is creation, existing in an intertwined, inseparable manner. Brahman is omnipresent. It is uncanny that the same Quantum Physics... Read More
Gaudiya Touchstone Premier Issue
Welcome to the world of the electronic magazine and the Premiere Issue of Gaudiya Touchstone. To bring the knowledge of Krishna consciousness to the world with the least environmental impact as possible is our goal. Since the invention of the printing press a flood of books and magazines have... Read More
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