Temples of Karnataka
Hoysala temples are known for their intricate carvings and magnificent architecture. Some of the most noted temples of Hoysala architecture are Somanathapura, Belur and Halebidu. However, there are many beautiful temples all-over Karnataka and one such beautiful temple is the Lakshmi-Narayana... Read More
Sri Gunja lakshmi Narasimha
Ravishankar Paranjape
The Indian state of Karnataka is home to many famous temples, built during the Hoysala period, the Vijayanagara period, the Chalukya period etc. However, there are also other ancient deities and temples, some of which date back even to Puranic times. In this new section of Gaudiya Touchstone, we... Read More
Swami Narasingha
Gaudiya Touchstone is now on a new release schedule — Nov. 1st (Karttika issue), March 1st (Gaura Purnima issue) and July 1st (Janmastami issue). We think that this schedule will work well for timely articles corresponding to that general time of year. For this Karttika issue we have an... Read More
Swami Narasingha
This issue of the Gaudiya Touchstone’s cover story is Kumbha- Mela, the world’s largest act of faith. During January/February of this year news media across India and around the world turned their attention to the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mystical Saraswati rivers at Allahabad, the... Read More
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